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Dear Sailors

Kære gæstesejler Liebe Segler Dear Sailors




Dear Sailors

We are very pleased to welcome you to Haderslev Sejl-Club - HSC - the red club housing, in first place next to X-Yachts on the south side.

Even though the fjord of Haderslev is long, it is also the most beautiful inlet in Denmark.

The berths in the club are marked with max. width which means, that you are able to find your place in first try.

The electric facilities have been maintained and we have also made new grill places, so that you can enjoy the beautiful Danish summer evenings in nice surroundings around the grill.

On the east side og the club housing you will find the sanitary facillities, which you are welcome to use, free of charge.

In 2014 you will find a vending machine for harbour dues also on the east side of the building.
It is also possible to use the envelopes if you prefer to pay cash.

The harbour master or his helpers will come around every day in the late afternoon and will provide informations and help if needed. He also has the code for the free HOTSPOT.

Once again, we welcome you to Haderslev Sejl-Club - HSC.

Harbour dues 2017:

Per day

Per day

Boats upto      10.00 meter/32.0 fod

kr. 130,00*

€ 20,00

Boats from      10.01 meter/32.1 fod

kr. 140,00

€ 23,00

Boats from      12.00 meter/40.0 fod

kr. 160.00

€ 28,00

7 days costs 6 x harbour dues

*/Opdateret maj 2018.